Mackenzie Moore’s 21st Birthday Show! W/ Jackie Ernst + Karen Wheelock @ Up North

Up North Bar, 150 S Blair St, Madison, WI


Mackenzie's 21st birthday! Also blessed by the presence 'n stuff of Jenna Joanis, Karen Wheelock, and Jackie Ernst Mackenzie Moore is a Best of Madison/MAMA winning singer/songwriter and WAMI finalist from Wisconsin. Playing all around the Midwest, she’s driven by the sense of community that can be created in a room full of strangers with a heartfelt voice and an acoustic guitar. Her voice has been described as being ‘as smooth and smoky as a glass of good scotch.’ Influences include: Foo Fighters, Brandi Carlile, Maggie Rogers, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Tom Petty, Katy Perry, & Fleetwood Mac. ———————- Jackie Ernst is a Best of Madison singer/songwriter based in Southeastern Wisconsin. She is an emotive folk/rock/alt artist with a bright powerful voice and is sure to draw you in with her dynamic, edgy presence. Jackie’s sound has been compared to artists such as Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, Melissa Etheridge and P!nk. https://jackieernstmusic.com/ ——————- Romantic at its core, Karen Wheelock’s music has a sound all its own, but one could draw connections to A Fine Frenzy, Lisa Loeb, Cat Power with just a hint of the Mold Peaches’ spirit. Hidden within her songwriting is a deep love for the Foo Fighters and other hard rock bands. Wheelock’s repertoire ranges from light-hearted ditties to deeply profound ballads; these are clearly the result of personal reflection, the stuff of all good art.